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Is social networking part of your dental laboratory marketing?

6 Jul

Michaelangelo Dental Studio online presence.


Dental laboratories across the country are missing out in connecting with their target audience on a more personal level through the use of social networking. Two years ago when I started my journey at Michaelangelo Dental Studio, I came to a crossroad asking myself how can I boost the production, stop losing accounts and why can’t my sales team get pass the receptionist to set a deal in motion?

Below is a list of what we “WERE” doing before social networking.

  1.  Cold calling without a purpose.
  2.  Only offering discounts and promotions with direct mailers.
  3.  Offering free restorations.
  4.  Door-to-door marketing.
  5.  Offering free shipping.


When I joined the team at Michaelangelo it was all about keeping  the traditional marketing mindset. This was not sitting well with me I preferred a more relaxed environment that engages dialog between me and the persona buyer I’m looking to reach I like to leave the door open in case the buyer wants to come in when they are ready to engage. I knew when I started that I had to make a change in the mind of my chain-of-command but like many it took time, patience and signs of improvement to continue my experiment. Social Media is about experimenting.


Today Michaelangelo Dental Studio is rapidly growing just to think that four years ago it had only two employees and less than six clients. In 2010, four years later the lab has grown to have ten employees and sales have increased by 425% since it open its doors.

Sure anyone can create a page, profile, blog or email for your business and blast away but it’s not until you position and create a strategic plan with someone who knows the terrain about online marketing and helps to guide your business in ways to not be side tracked by useless campaigns that miss-out on connecting your brand to your audience.

To me social media marketing is a lifestyle similar to a diet plan and exercise you can’t just do it one day or one month at a time it needs to be maintained and fed daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. I know what your thinking, “I don’t have the time; I can’t blog or feed daily my networks; I don’t have anybody to help me”. Well guess what do you have teenagers at home? How about office personal that are social media savvy? Or make time one hour a day to update and read your networks to find-out what’s going on online with your potential audience. You might just strike a connection.


Here are a few new ideas we are consistent with our social networking marketing.


  1.   Monthly product or service newsletter sent via-email or social networks.
  2.   Monthly email survey about a case study.
  3.   Join online dental forums.
  4.   Engage with consumers/potential clients using Q&A on social networks.
  5.   Calling with a purpose.


I shared five past and present marketing programs that many dental laboratory’s can relate to. If you are a dental laboratory owner or marketer and would like to know more or learn how to better manage your social networks with e-marketing programs send me your questions, feedback or what’s on your mind. The dental laboratory industry needs to embrace the new social media platform just like we now embrace Cad/Cam Technology in our labs.